The Journey Begins!

Hello! Welcome to my blog and to my first post =)

Introductions first. My name is Maretva and I am a Venezuelan-Spanish mum, living and sewing in the UK.

I started sewing 3 years ago when my daughter was 10 months old. I was living in a small town in Cornwall back then, and I realised there wasn’t much variety or options for funny or different clothes for her. So one day by chance, I discover the blog Oh Mother Mine DIY and I can tell you, I think I read all her posts in one day!!! I could not believe it. She was posting free patterns and video tutorials on every post? Like for free?!?! So that was it, I ordered my first sewing machine on Amazon (a Brother LS14) and that is how all started!

Three years have passed now, but lately, I have been focusing more in sewing for me.

Let´s say that during these last 12 months, life has taken me through a tough transformation process. The main outcome of that process is that I am starting to fall in love with myself again. I am enjoying a self discovery journey and part of that journey involves accepting and loving my body.

You see, I am curvy and I have always been curvy! I have spent years and years blaming my body because clothes in the stores never fit me right. I honestly believed that something was wrong with my body because OBVIOUSLY, all the shops in the World could not be wrong, RIGHT?  And it wasn’t until last year when I started reading and learning about sewing patterns that I realised that those clothes are never going to fit my body because my body doesn´t match the “numbers” of one particular size. Whenever I read the instructions of any pattern (commercial or indie) and I compare my body measurements with the numbers in the table to choose the size, 90% of the time I would have 3 different sizes: one for my bust, one for my waist and one for my hips. At first, that really confused me and discouraged me. I thought “there is no way I will be able to make a piece of clothe that fit me because my measurements does not fit in one size!” But the more videos I watched in Youtube, the more people I saw posting photos on Instagram of their beautiful homemade garments telling how they modified or adjust a pattern to fit them, the more I realised that I am no exception! Everybody´s body is unique and it is silly to think that all of us will fit easily in a standard size or set of measurement.

And at the end of the day that is the magic of sewing, that it allows you to create clothes that are as unique as your body!

I am now in a journey of accepting my body is as it is, unique! I am feeling much confident now, and I have to thank sewing and the sewing community for that.

So, this blog is the place where I will share this journey, my journey. It will complement my Instagram account because I need I must have a space where I can share the more personal side of some posts.

Thank you so much for taking the time to come and visit and for reading this post. I really hope to see you back fairly soon!

With love,

One thought on “The Journey Begins!

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  1. Glad to walk with you all the way you want me to! Body is a nice shell to take care of but, nowadays, so many posts everywhere wanting us women to be thinner! Why? So I just want to live my perfect imperfections and…. Is there a space in this wonderful blog for running stuff??? Pleaaaaaaseeeeee!!! Love you so much!


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